aloha from the salton sea

Kai Wai

e mālama i ke kai, a mālama ke kai iā 'oe.
care for the sea, and the sea will care for you.

KAI WAI's mantra is the Hawaiian proverb "E mālama i ke kai, a mālama ke kai iā 'oe." In English it translates to "care for the sea, and the sea will care for you." Kai Wai was formed to inspire people to nurture the Salton Sea, by creating opportunities to participate in recreational water sports on the sea. For every one friend seen on the water and then shared on social networks, we will be able to increase Salton Sea advocates tenfold. If we translate our passion into purpose, and purpose into action, we can begin to improve the community and ultimately the longevity of the sea.

Kai Wai CLub

A Division of SEAthletes

Are you a SEAthlete?

The name KAI WAI is a Fijian term meaning to belong (kai) on the water (wai). It is a term used for people who spend a good amount of time on the water - be it paddlers, sailors, island and coastal dwellers, perhaps fishermen. In the Hawaiian language, the word "kai" refers to ocean (sea), as opposed to fresh water (wai). Interestingly, the Salton Sea had its beginning as a lake of fresh water (wai), but over time has turned into a sea (kai) due to increasing salinity. So both the club name and the water we recreate on translates to KAI WAI.

KAI WAI Club is a division of SEAthletes and is based at the North Shore Beach & Yacht Club. We partner with the Desert Recreation District and California Department of Parks and Recreation to provide opportunities to participate in recreational water sports on the Salton Sea. Through our water sports programs, we strive to foster:

1. The aloha spirit as an intrinsic part of the canoe culture through team work & respect for one another.

2. A conscientious awareness and stewardship of the Salton Sea as a fragile wetland that is also vitally important to wildlife, while advocating this to the greater public.

We invite you to join us as a recreational or competitive paddler. We have programs for both kids (keiki) and adults. Our paddling season begins March 2016. Sign up below to be a part of the club. Please contact us for more details or questions. Mahalo.

club memberships

We have both a full-timer and part-timer membership. We also have a sponsor a KAI WAI keiki (kid). Choose the package that works best for you.




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Keiki is Hawaiian for kid. KAI WAI KEIKI is our sponsor program that allows every kid the opportunity to recreate on the Salton Sea. Kids from underserved communities sometimes need help making the membership fee. For just $50, you can sponsor a local keiki for a whole year and make a lasting impact in a child's life. There's no better way to spread the aloha spirit. Mahalo!